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When playing a video game, be it at home or in a competition, you need to make sure you have a screen that matches the graphics of the game. To enjoy the game to the full, you need a great monitor. To do this, the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q game monitor is one of the best, offering various features to ensure a great gaming experience.

Design and functions

Starting with testing the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q gaming monitor, this 27-inch monitor features a QuadHD display with a resolution of 1440p and an additional bezel design. These two features ensure that the screen provides users with clear resolution and good screen size, ensuring a remarkable gaming experience and taking into account the graphics of the game. Also included are some different input connectors that allow you to connect different hardware. These include headphone jack, display port, HDMI and USB ports, and a mini port that allows you to connect different devices at the same time.

The monitor has an incredible refresh rate, which ensures that you experience the best graphics of video games. The 144 Hz barrier was breached by this screen as it offers a refresh rate of 165 Hz. This ensures that the user can see smooth graphics and fully enjoy his game session. One of the most important aspects of the screen is that it offers six different game modes with an IPS panel display. Be it racing, scenery, cinema, FPS, RTS, RPG or sRGB. You can run all these different modes on the screen and enjoy the game to the fullest.

The monitor also includes Nvidia G-Sync technology and the PG279Q ROG Swift, which offers the best gaming experience imaginable. These technologies will ensure that you get a fast, amazing and impressive game session you could ever want.

Performance and quality

This monitor is the best on the market, ensuring that you experience one of the best gaming sessions with an incredible and high-quality ad. The monitor is robust and reliable and can be easily adapted to the needs of the user. The screen is the perfect size, allowing the user to see one of the clearest and most extraordinary image qualities. It’s one of those monitors that has received some of the best customer reviews and is considered one of the best monitors for gaming sessions. The quality of the quality meets the expectations of all players and is the best that you can use.


  • The monitor is absolutely stable even at 165 Hz
  • It comes with the G-Sync feature
  • The picture is bright and very clear
  • The setting is easy to handle and works great
  • The refresh rate of the monitor is great


  • It is a little expensive
  • To get the best picture quality, you need a calibration

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