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Acer is popular worldwide for producing high quality and cost effective products. It is well-known for its computer-related products such as desktops, laptops, monitors, smartphones, tablets and more. Due to comparatively better tariffs, it is preferred by many customers. Below is a detailed description of the Acer 27 “2560 × 1440 widescreen display.

The monitor Acer 2560 × 1440 has a very slim and uncomplicated design. Due to its minimalist approach, the device looks noble and refined. By unnecessary accentuation a device loses its charm, if it is not a game product. Since this monitor is not particularly a gaming product, a simple design is perfect for him. In addition, it has a 27-inch screen, which is pretty slim and lightweight.

The screens of this monitor are very thin and give a clean and nice overall profile. In addition, the stand is very simple with a box-shaped incision in between to keep the device properly and comfortably. It also has a nice looking IPS panel. In general, this monitor is a decent-looking device with a simple design and excellent build quality.

In addition, it has a Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) display that gives users fantastic picture quality. With a screen size of 2560 × 1440, users can get crisp, crisp images that are completely smooth. It also has an excellent color and contrast ratio of 100,000,000: 1 and a brightness of 350 nits. This will make all pictures and videos more vivid than ever before. It also has an integrated USB device and a USB port as well as a DisplayPort.

The Acer BE270U monitor is a high quality product that delivers outstanding performance. The IPS panel offers superior viewing angles and image quality compared to TN panels. It is certainly not a dedicated game monitor and does not have a high refresh rate or is aimed at gamers. However, if a casual player needs a monitor for normal purposes, not just endless games, this is a good option.

This device is mainly aimed at the professional audience. For example, image editors or other experienced workers who need a good monitor like this. Due to the clear picture and rich colors as well as the avoidance of distortions of the image, graphic designers and individuals from a similar field can achieve many advantages with this monitor. When we look at its performance from the perspective of a professional, this monitor is the ideal choice.


  • perfect monitor for professionals.
  • provides an excellent combination of superb color definition and ultra-high resolution screen.
  • possesses EyeProtect technology.
  • has an almost borderless zero-frame design so that users can work comfortably with a larger and better screen view.


  • Even though Acer tries to provide products at lower prices, this monitor is pretty expensive as compared to similar products from its competitors.

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