Dell UltraSharp UP2715K 5K Software for auto-calibration of the monitor included

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While it’s true that most people are getting used to 4K displays, they have not stopped companies from launching 5K monitors. Dell is one of the best known names to enter this particular market with this LED monitor UP2715K. The UP2715K delivers stunning images, and even advanced users can not see single pixels even at close range.

In conjunction with some HD content, it is difficult to write off the Dell UP2715K and its great display. For premium products like Dell’s, especially factory calibration, the general expectations for accuracy are, of course, high. It can be said that the UP2715K performs on this front. However, it is not so easy to connect the monitor and turn it on.


Dell has also added software to the monitor that makes it easier to optimize accuracy and ensure that the monitor can reach its full potential. This is not a big problem even for most amateur users. Dell made the calibration easy, which is why the UP2715K is definitely worth a try. It provides smooth and oversaturated images that are pixelless.

The monitor is based on a color gamut of more than Adobe, so you can enjoy in all your HD content emerald green, deep reds and rich Royal Blues. It offers the best image fidelity and although the UP2715K is not yet the standard, it lets the screen burst with vivid and bold colors. So, if you are looking for your new monitor, there is no better than the UP2715K.

The Dell UP2715K offers a wealth of information and the included software makes it very easy to optimize the monitor perfectly. This makes the Dell 5K monitor an ideal candidate for professionals who want to pack all the pixels into their 27-inch screen. Dell calls this line UltraSharp, and the UP2715K is worthy of that brand. The Dell UP2715K deserves all the praise for its impressive performance and vivid images.


Dell rarely disappoints in the design department, and that’s the case here as well. The 5K monitor from Dell not only offers impressive pictures, but is itself a real eye-catcher. The elegant and refined combination of black and silver allows you to set up this monitor at work or at home without hesitation on your desk.


  • 5K resolution with all required pixels
  • Multiple calibration options.
  • Software for automatic calibration of the monitor.
  • Rich and vibrant colors and details.
  • Solid and slim design.


  • Weak out-of-the-box performance; requires a calibration.
  • Some tests show bright contrast and low light.

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