ASUS MG278Q 27-Inch 144Hz WQHD With eye care technology

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A game monitor is useless if it does not provide graphics offered by game consoles. The only way to ensure that you get excellent display and image quality is to make sure you have a monitor that delivers both efficiently. A great machine that offers these two features along with many others is the 144-Hz ASUS 27-inch WQHD FreeSync game monitor.

Design and functions
This monitor is great for delaying input because it keeps users from witnessing and enjoying a smooth gaming experience. The monitor is 27 inches tall, which is a reasonable height because the monitor can easily be stored in a limited space while providing the user with a great user experience. Equipped with a screen resolution of 2560 × 1440 and a response time of 1 ms, this monitor ensures that users experience no tears, blemishes or motion blurs. In fact, it provides the exact opposite and ensures that a player gets full experience with the graphics offered.

The monitor is equipped with a blue light filter and ensures that the screen is flicker-free. It offers the best of integrated eye technology, as it is important to protect the eyes during long gaming sessions. The design of the screen is comfortable yet functional, allowing the user to adjust the position of the screen to their seating requirements. The unit also has a wall-mounting option that makes it easy to hang the monitor on the wall, reducing the desk space.

The monitor has an enormous response rate of 144 Hertz and consists of the Adaptive Sync technology, which ensures that all graphics are in their full form, the images are seamless and the user receives an uninterrupted gameplay. You also get a three-year limited warranty and free shipping. If you find problems with the screen, you can simply return it to the company, which will have it replaced or repaired.

Performance and quality

Testing the ASUS 27-inch WQHD 144Hz FreeSync gaming monitor, this device gives users one of the best gaming experiences, ensuring they get the best picture quality without interruptions for a smooth gaming session. The monitor is first class and offers ideal quality. It is also durable enough to be easily hung on the wall. The display quality is also remarkable as players can experience the graphics of a video game. Eye care technology works great as it does not cause eye strain during longer sessions. It has been built so incredibly well that users can adjust the monitor to their needs with each use.


  • Equipped with eye care technology
  • Provides an excellent resolution
  • Great design
  • Adjustable
  • Comes with Adaptive Sync technology
  • The refresh rate is excellent, which ensures a great game session


  • Quality control is not easy for first-time users to handle

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