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Tesoro Excalibur G7NL Review

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Look or design is not the strong suite of Excalibur. With this you get no glossy surfaces and eye-catching designs. Its design can best be called standard. You would know why this is one of the best Gaming Keyboards 2019 lists after reading this review.

First, thanks to N-Key Rollover, G7nl has not missed any keys. Three switches are available – red, blue and brown. The mechanized keys of the gaming class account for 60 million key presses. A rubberized bottom, which acts as an anti-slip measure, provides extreme gaming experience. It stores 512kB of onboard macro memory.

Three switches help a lot with games and productivity. Three LED patterns are valid for all types of activities.

It’s pretty easy to switch between modes right away.

If you’re a businessman who loves multitasking, you can not thank this feature enough.

If you rely solely on the gaming experience, G7nl wins only slightly. The switches are great for an intense tip-rate during the game. Game modes and macro buttons do what is described. The ability to switch between more than two LED modes should prove practical.


  • Macros Supported
  • Very Cheap as compared to others in our Lineup
  • Backlit Illuminated
  • Built Quality is Good
  • Minimalist and Standard Design


  • Build Quality isn’t that much great
  • USB Pass-through ports are missing

Final judgment
Tesoro Excalibur has the standard but well-designed mechanical keyboard. It adds a number of useful features such as macros, game mode, media buttons, and backlighting to a familiar layout. No doubt you should make a purchase if you have found it for a good price.

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