Minimalistic Design – CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i Review

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It is a mechanized keyboard equipped with mechanical Cherry MX switches. The design feels familiar with the traditional ten-key numeric keypad. They have decent color options in Cherry MX, Red, Brown, Blue, and more.

Although minimalist, this design helps make Quickfire one of the best keyboards on the market.

CM Storm has tried to tap into many options on this keyboard. However, due to the low profile configuration, this keyboard is limited by parameters. For example, you may only use five-sentence layouts.

This would mean that the individual backlight is no longer available. For convenience, you can colorize the arrow keys and the WASD keys individually. In addition, you can manually configure each key. Such presets can be saved as profiles for later use.

The first influential factor is that no software efforts are required to save profiles. This is ensured by the 32-bit ARM processor.

This allows the keyboard to be easily transferred to computers and laptops. CM has a reputation for building robust designs, and that toughness makes it worth your investment.

The custom backlight is most likely the first feature you would notice. Additional macro options are good, and even for the lumpy player it is the least intimidating. You made it possible with the help of a standard keyboard design.


  • Efficient Design
  • Smooth Typing
  • No Software Required
  • Multiple Lighting Modes


  • Numeric Pad missing
  • No Macro Keys
  • Backlight Color Options missing

Final judgment
The CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i is a powerful and smaller mechanical gaming keyboard with many interesting features. Most importantly, you do not need any additional software to use the keyboard like other gaming keyboards in our list.

Well, there are no macro keys and there is also a missing number pad, and that’s the only reason this keyboard is smaller and more travel-friendly.

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