Dell S2716DG 27″ LED-Lit G-SYNC well designed and constructed

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When it comes to computer products, Dell is one of the first names that comes to mind. Dell is such a prominent name that it needs no introduction. Everyone just knows. In addition to producing laptops and computers, Dell also manufactures a variety of gaming products. It has its own range of exceptional games that are considered the leading devices in the market. Here is an overview of the Dell Dell S2716DG’s 27-inch display.

The S2716DG has a modern design. Due to its futuristic look, the monitor looks minimalist from the front. No specific area of ​​this device is enhanced with bright colors, and it does not even have funky and random lines. You will not see flashing lights during the game, or any game statements engraved on your body. But that makes it unique and attractive.

In addition, the panels are equipped with a two-stage design, an incredibly narrow panel edge and a very slim hard plastic. It has a natural screen surface with a matte, anti-glare coating. In addition, Dell has used a TN screen for the S2716DG, which provides excellent response times – a necessary feature for playing games. The resolution of 2560 x 1440 is another successful attribute. Its pixel density of 108.8 ppi is far better than that of the 1080p panels, as it offers more sharpness, distance and precision.

It’s not that other brands have not offered this resolution. There are many brands that provide or even exceed the exact screen size and resolution. However, it’s the quality that counts, and that’s what Dell owns.

The performance of the S2716DG is second to none. This monitor features NVIDIA GSync technology, which delivers undistorted and sharp moving pictures at the fastest frame rate. It helps to drastically reduce motion blur and provides bright and jitter-free graphics. Apart from that, it also offers a minimum input delay with a 1 ms display interval time, which means customers can enjoy responsive and incredibly fast gameplay.

In addition, it has a crisp QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which provides twice more details than the Full HD screen. Users can also customize the screen, whether horizontal or vertical. The screen can be easily adjusted to different heights. It can also be panned, panned and tilted so that players can find the perfect viewing position to play games for many hours.


  • It is equipped with a versatile stand and allows the user to bring the screen in any desired position.
  • It has a higher refresh rate.
  • It is well designed and built.
  • It includes NVIDIA GSync.
  • It shows a relatively rich, strong color image.


  • It is too expensive compared to competing products of similar design and characteristics.

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