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The last product on our list comes back from Corsair and this time it’s the Corsair Saber RGB.

Before we begin, you should know that the Corsair Saber RGB can be regarded in many ways as a younger brother of the Corsair M65 Pro RGB.

While many people are aware of the downgrade, you should not really pay attention. The reason is simple, while the Saber RGB is certainly the cheaper option, a lower price, and another design gives it its own identity, and that’s certainly a good thing, because at the given price you get a mouse, the impressive 10,000 DPI has, a good design that will attract most gamers, and not the RGB lighting. In simple terms, players pay less and get more when it comes to the Corsair Saber RGB.

While the Saber RGB does not win any beauty pageants because it looks as simple as other mice we’ve mentioned in our list, this is certainly a good thing, because the mouse is designed for simplicity and does a great job with it.

The Saber RGB can just rest on your desk and you will not be disturbed. No, we do not say the design is bad, it’s just secret, and most players prefer it. You should not forget that you will not get a weight tuning system, but keeping the price and weight of the mouse makes it clear that you do not need weight tuning. You get an excellent 10,000 DPI sensor and RGB lighting, and that should be more than enough.

Sure, like many other gaming mice and peripherals, there are good things, and then there are not such good things. The same is the case with the Corsair Saber RGB, and we will list the pros and cons below.


  • The excellent sensor offers top of the line DPI, and easy to use gliding.
  • Programmable buttons let you customize the mouse according to your own preference using CUE.
  • RGB lighting that can also be adjusted through the CUE (Corsair utility engine)
  • Competitive pricing gives the Sabre RGB an excellent price to performance ratio.


  • The design maybe awkward for some users to hold.

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