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Corsair K70 Review

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The predecessors of K70 were appreciated for their simplicity. The latest model would be worth more for extra features and a great software end. Under all factors, the design would immediately make an impression.

K70 is the conceptual successor to K60. It does not have all the features of K60 or K70 MX Red, but it does have most of it. Not many keyboards match their payroll in the series.

More desirable is that K70 is not just a successor. It has more features and looks fresh with fully lit LED buttons. Some additional features and aesthetics are included in the design.

There is a quad BIOS switch on the back of the keyboard. The first trick that such a setup pulls is to reduce the retrieval rate to 50%. Any change is possible from 1000 Hz to 500 Hz up to the primary BIOS mode.

You have the option to turn the palm rest on and off. The players know the importance of a palm rest. It is 80-90% plastic, which makes sense for both play and productivity. The buttons are also matted to make life easier for players who sweat too much.

The cherry MX red switches make the K70 light and responsive. These switches allow fast play. Each piece of 45g actuation force contributes to intense gaming activity. The inward curved and rubberized K70 buttons give this unmistakable feeling. Their contoured WASD keys deserve a mention in every review.


  • Beautiful Coloured Backlighting
  • Sleek and Minimal Design
  • Great Build Quality
  • Wrist Rest Included


  • Complicated Software
  • Expensive Keyboard

Our final verdict

K70 successfully achieves a feel-good factor that is often ignored by manufacturers. K70 does not offer a revolutionary design.

Design is something where the brand has made incredible improvements to address the shortcomings of its predecessors. This keyboard guarantees all-round performance from a 100% mechanized device. Corsair in all respects would be the first in the list.

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