Best for FPS Games (12000 Max DPI) Corsair M65 Pro RGB

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Korsar’s foray into the peripheral gaming industry has a whole bunch of minds, mainly because everyone was thrilled that their favorite maker, the ram and power supplies manufacturer is finally putting something else on the table, believe it or not, the push was a snap Success.

Not only has Corsair launched a range of products suitable for every budget and high-end gamers, but it has ensured that all products do not have a drastic difference in price and features. This means that whether you buy the mid-to-high K70 series or the K95 series of enthusiasts, you will not lose much of your features. This is something really good and many other companies are not following.

Having said this, let’s take a look at the Corsair M65 Pro RGB, one of the best gaming mice on the market, which is certainly intended for users who are more likely to save money but still get plenty of it.

As the name implies, the mouse has RGB lighting that can be conveniently controlled via Corsair’s customization software. The software itself is easy to use but requires some learning curve, but that’s fine. Obviously, you will get buttons to customize the DPI to your liking, some customizable buttons, and a very, very handy weight tuning system that will allow you to remove and remove some of the weights to make the mouse easier. If you’re wondering now, a lighter mouse will make it easier for your hand to glide through what many FPS players are looking for.

Basically, the M65 Pro is definitely a mouse designed for FPS players. The good thing, though, is that it’s suitable for all gamers, regardless of the genre they play. So definitely a plus. Let us discuss with you what is good and what is not on the Corsair M65.


  • Excellent build quality from the cable, down to the mouse.
  • Amazing price to performance ratio.
  • Weight adjust system is a welcomed addition.
  • Corsair’s CUE software is flexible, and a great way to customize your mouse.
  • The sniper button helps adjust the DPI on the fly, making it a really good addition.


  • The design may not please everyone.

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