Best Budget Gaming Keyboard – ROCCAT RYOS MK Pro

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It falls into the affordable category, without too much unique design. The keyboard is said to be the best budget gaming keyboard on the market. Nevertheless, this is by far the best 2019 mechanical keyboard in the RYOS series.

Why Roccat Ryos MK Pro?
Roccat Ryos MK Pro is the first mechanized keyboard of the famous brand Roccat. The availability of four key switching modes makes it a compelling purchase. Individually backlit buttons support the overall appearance.

There are too many programmable options in this model. Built-in USB and audio connections add value to an already outstanding model.

The backlight cabinet seems to be almost empty, if not the only option. Blue is the only choice for the backlight. The palm rest is overly bulky, which makes the support feel uncomfortable. In addition, the palm rest can not be removed.

The best thing about the design is that the keyboard would be too practical for both pros and amateurs. The allowable limit for programmable keys is enormous, making adjustments for lightning-fast gameplay available.

The best feature to look for are the dozens of macro options. By default, there are eight microkeys available. In gameplay, the keyboard works smoothly. The mechanical switches are fast and responsive.


  • Audio and USB Pass-through
  • A lot of Programmable Options
  • Individually backlit keys


  • No multiple colours backlighting (Only Blue)
  • Wrist rest is fixed, can’t be removed.

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